Trust the judgment of other dental professionals:

Here is what some of the top dental associates who worked with Dr. Han in Lower Manhattan over the years have to say about her and Lumia Dental.


Rebeca Viego, DMD

Dr. Viego

“I have worked with Dr. Michelle Han for almost three years, every single day, side by side, and I can say Dr. Han is an extraordinary dentist. She is professional, intelligent and extremely clinically competent. She is a perfectionist who will strive for her patients for nothing but perfection. Dr. Han is excellent in all aspects of dentistry, but she is truly amazing in cosmetic dentistry. I look up to her and her work ethic. I am so excited for Dr. Han and this new chapter in her life.”






Elena Saha, DMD

Elena Saha

Dr. Han is a skilled, caring, and trusted dentist. Her attention to detail is impeccable as seen by her exceptional results. She also has a lovely bedside manner and easy nature about her. She is hard working, extremely professional, and will go the extra mile for her patients. As a colleague of Dr. Han, I really praise her work and would recommend her to all.”





Davis Thomas, BDS, DDS, MSc

David Thomas

“I have known Dr. Han for the past ten years, both personally and as one of her mentors, and I can tell you that it’s hard to find an empathetic, pleasant, caring, lovely person and phenomenal dentist as her!”








 Rada Meytin (Elkin), DMD

Dr. Rada Meytin (Elkin)

“Throughout my career in dentistry, I have had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Dr. Han. Her professionalism, attention to detail, and caring demeanor truly distinguish her as a dentist. With superior bedside manners and impressive clinical results, she has commanded the respect and trust of her patients and colleagues alike. I would, without hesitation, refer any patient, friend, or family member to Dr. Han for dental treatment. I have no doubt that Dr. Han’s patients are receiving the highest standard of care, and will be pleased to call her practice their “Dental Home.”