Cutting Edge Dentistry


Our decorated providers have trained at the most prestigious institutions and are experienced in the latest advances of dental technology to maintain oral health and to optimize esthetics.

Our experts can help achieve a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile with conservative, non-invasive dentistry.




At Lumia Dental, we understand your needs, whether your lifestyle requires a personal touch or simply engaging with us via web or text on your phone anytime, anywhere.

We are dedicated to making your engagement with us easy, time-saving, and convenient, just like you have come to expect from your favorite brands. Connect with us the way you want and see what a modern patient experience can feel like.




We want your checkups and treatment visits at Lumia Dental to be comfortable and enjoyable, so you can look forward to seeing your dentist.

At Lumia Dental, every team member’s priority is to make sure you are well taken care of from the moment you arrive. We understand your needs and adjust our approach, from x-ray alternatives, to anxiety and pain management, to how you like to engage in your treatment decisions.


Looking At Teeth Differently

What may be extraordinary for other dental offices has become a standard of care for us. We never cut corners; we prioritize the highest quality over quantity. Other than using only the best products available in dentistry, we focus on using the most technologically advanced equipment. You are three-dimensional – and so are your teeth, your gums, and your mouth. While traditional dental radiographs or x-rays (which are 2-dimensional) have served us well over the last few decades in dental diagnostics, it is simply not enough. We need to be able to see through teeth and bone from different angles, and this is made possible with the latest technology.

Digital Dentistry

Gunky impressions and molds are sometimes still necessary, but at Lumia Dental, digital dentistry is the standard of care for most cases – whether it is to make a nightguard, a crown, for Invisalign, or even a full mouth of dental implants. This technology allows for higher precision and speed – giving our team the ability to deliver the highest standard of dental care.

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT)

Our team is able to evaluate in depth the root architecture of a tooth suspected of a fracture or in need of a root canal treatment, or plan a dental surgery or placement of a dental implant, by using the most state-of-the-art CBCT machine currently available in dentistry. One may be weary of radiation from a CT scan, but a CT scan taken with a high-tech machine used at Lumia Dental often emits only a fraction of the radiation produced by a single routine dental x-ray. That’s the price of using the most technologically advanced equipment.


Teeth are translucent; light goes through teeth. Dental x-rays have their limitations, and our Lumia Dental providers know that the more information we can gather, the more accurate the diagnosis and the better treatment we can provide. We can see through the sides of your teeth using x-rays, and using specialized transillumination tools, we can see through teeth from the top or the biting/chewing surfaces. The radiation-free cavity screening tool called CariVu is used on every patient, and this is an essential tool for a truly comprehensive evaluation of your teeth.

Partnering with the most high-end dental laboratories

We are proud to use only high-end dental laboratories to produce esthetic and long-lasting dental restorations to match your glowing smile, whether it’s veneers, crowns, or implant restorations