COVID-19 virus prevention to make dental office visits safe

LUMIA DENTAL has reopened, offering our full range of dental services and cutting-edge safety measures

We believe that just some more protective gear (PPE) and caution are not good enough for our patients. Over the last three months, our entire team has researched and planned for what it takes to re-open our office as safely as possible and we are planning to do so based on the



guidance of the state government, the CDC, and the American Dental Association.While many questions about this novel coronavirus are still unanswered, we have taken all available knowledge into account to design a multi-barrier infection control protocol at LUMIA DENTAL to minimize the risk while we care for our patients' dental needs. We are also proud that we have prepared to bring back our entire staff and provide jobs and income for our employees that have done so much for our patients and our office over the last two years.

Sanitation and Infection Control Protocol At LUMIA DENTAL

We are taking multiple measures for each stage of engaging with our patients - before, during, and after your visit - to minimize the risk of infection in general and for COVID-19 in particular. While "SARS-CoV-2" (the medical name of the virus that causes COVID-19) is highly infectious and spreads easily, the good news is that this virus is actually easy to kill outside of the body. Our staff will train these procedures for an entire week prior to seeing patients as execution is just as important as the plan itself. No short-cuts, no exceptions!

The highest risk of transmission is person-to-person, followed by contaminated surfaces, and we are addressing these risks in the following way:

  1. Screening patients prior to their visit and maintaining physical distance between people
  2. Minimizing exposure to aerosols (spray of water and saliva droplets) during the visit
  3. Aggressive sanitation and sterilization of every surface after each visit

1. Patient screening and physical distance

While a high percentage of COVID-19 infected individuals may only show mild or even no symptoms at all, it is a sensible step to ask patients that exhibit symptoms that are possibly linked to COVID-19 to postpone their treatment at LUMIA DENTAL:

  • All patients MUST complete a prescreening questionnaire within 24 hours of their visit. This can be done conveniently by text message, phone call or email.
  • Each patient will again be screened for temperature and other symptoms in person when they present for their appointment.
  • "Curbside check-in" option - Patients can check in with their smartphone and wait near the office until their chair is ready.
  • Spaced out appointments slots - We are adding additional time around each appointments to minimize crowding and wait times.
  • Anybody entering the office is asked to wear a face covering, and face masks are available for patients who need them.
  • We are installing sneeze guards as a physical barrier between patients and our front desk staff.
  • Patient forms can be conveniently filled out prior to your visit or on your own mobile device.
  • Touchless payment options are provided.
  • All surfaces are sanitized after every patient interaction.
  • We provide hand sanitizer throughout the office and handwashing stations in every treatment room.
  • The staff continues to sanitize all common area surfaces throughout the day with disinfectant wipes and hospital grade UV-C light radiation.


2. Minimizing The Spread of Aerosols

LUMIA DENTAL has made large investments in additional equipment and gear to minimize contamination from saliva droplets that may be generated during dental treatment. This helps to keep our team safe and reduces the risk of the virus landing on surfaces that may be touched by the next patient.

  • Patients will first rinse with a disinfecting mouth rinse that is safe for humans but deadly for the virus.
  • Next, a new suction device is placed in the mouth that minimizes the aerosols produced during the procedure and actually makes it more comfortable for the patient to stay open.
  • For additional safety measure, we also place another new device just outside of the mouth, a standalone vacuum device that removes 99.97% of remaining aerosols produced.
  • We are equipped with additional and sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) for all of our providers and prepared to compliantly sterilize and reuse, in an effort to help hospital workers should they still experience shortages by the time we reopen our office. Please excuse that our providers will appear a lot more "covered up", but don't be alarmed, it's just for your and their protection.


3. Aggressive Sanitation and Sterilization

We have always taken cleanliness, sanitation and infection control very seriously at LUMIA DENTAL. This mindset is extremely helpful as we are adding extra steps and capabilities to clean and sanitize our office.

  • Upgrade of the air conditioning system with HEPA filters
  • Room level air purification using the novel PECO technology which destroys and sterilizes air pollutants, bacteria and viruses that may escape traditional HEPA filtration standards.
  • Patients will be provided with shoe covers to avoid carrying the virus into the office.
  • Additional disinfectant supplies and materials to double up on the cleaning process we conduct after every patient visit.
  • Sterilization of each treatment room with a hospital grade UV-C light devices, the powerful SafeZone 850M9, after every appointment.


We will continue to update and invest in the latest technology to further enhance our safety measure so our patient can rely on the best possible prevention during their dental visit. This is how, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, cutting-edge dentistry meets a modern patient experience at LUMIA DENTAL.