Endodontics Root Canal NYC

Patients who already know what an endodontist is might cringe at the word, but we are here to change that notion. Endodontists are often known as the “root canal” doctors, and in the past, a root canal was dreaded. Today, this procedure has been reduced to a more comfortable one; one that is no longer feared or painful.

In fact, dentists who perform root canals should be looked at as the good guys. They are focused on saving your teeth and saving your natural smile. Endodontists care so much about your teeth that they complete an additional two or more years of training beyond dental school. A commitment like this means less than 5% of dentists are endodontists. Their training focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and the interior structure of the tooth.

Modern day root canals debunk the myths of the past. You may have heard horror stories of how painful a root canal is, but that was decades ago! Today, a root canal can be compared to a routine filling. And there is almost always much less drilling involved with a root canal than a filling.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, first get an exam at Lumia Dental. We will refer you to our endodontist if we come to the conclusion it is necessary.