Preventative Dentistry

There is a reason why most dental insurance companies cover the entire cost of routine cleanings: because it can prevent more complex dental issues! Every doctor and hygienist at Lumia Dental cannot exclaim enough how important preventive dental care is for everyone. Avoid cavities, crowns, and even surgeries by simply making the time to get your teeth cleaned and assessed by a professional.

Whether covered by insurance or setting up a payment plan, preventive dental care is affordable.

Our preventive services include:

  • a professional teeth cleaning by one of our incredible dental hygienists
  • oral hygiene instructions
  • dental x-rays if necessary
  • radiation-free screening for cavities and fractures
  • thorough dental and oral examination by hygienist and dentist
  • oral cancer screening
  • drill-free, needle-free fillings, such as Icon treatment and sealants
  • non-invasive cavity prevention, such as fluoride and MI paste
  • screening for TMJ issues and pathological habits, such as grinding/clenching of teeth

Our providers are also trained in assessing for any correlation with your medical condition, such as diabetes and use of medications.