Special Needs Dentistry

Parents of special health care needs children and adults who require special health care do not need any other obstacles in their way. Day-to-day tasks are already tough on many people, so throwing dental visits into the mix can heighten stress, anxiety, and more. The doctors at Lumia Dental have undergone additional training in order to better provide for those who have special health care needs.

The category of special needs is wide. Some of our patients’ needs are directed towards physical issues which can even include orofacial conditions, while others are mental involving emotional, developmental, cognitive, and sensory concerns. Please, we highly suggest you fully inform us on any and every condition you feel is important for our doctors to know in order to provide the best care for the special needs patient. Lumia Dental will tailor our approach to best suit the patient.

As you already know, there are many variables to helping a special needs patient. Rather than get into detail for every single type of special needs case, we suggest booking an appointment to talk to our special needs dentistry specialist.