Great oral health goes beyond being cavity-free. To fulfill our promise of cutting edge dentistry, convenience and patient comfort, Lumia Dental offers a full range of advanced dental treatments and services, using the latest techniques and materials to give you a naturally beautiful, healthier and more complete smile that can last you a lifetime




Endodontists are often known as the “root canal” doctors, and in the past, a root canal was dreaded. Today, this procedure has been reduced to a more comfortable one; one that is no longer feared or painful.


TMJ and Nightguards

Tightening our jaw muscles and in turn, clenching or grinding our teeth is called it “bruxism”. Don't let this ruin your smile.


Teeth Whitening

At Lumia Dental, we customize the whitening experience for you. Your formula will achieve the most whitening results but with the least amount of sensitivity.


Surgery and Implants

Why does a person need dental surgery and implant? It is first important to understand what an implant is. Click here to learn more!


Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Are you sleeping well at night? Do you feel excessively tired during the day? What about your partner in bed? Is he/she not sleeping well because of your snoring?

Radiation-Free Cavity Screenings

We are excited to feature radiation-free screenings for cavities and tooth fractures. This is especially important for patients who cannot tolerate x-rays well, pediatric patients, pregnant patients, special needs patients, and for patients who are concerned about radiation.



Avoid cavities, crowns, and even surgeries by simply making the time to get your teeth cleaned and assessed by a professional. Whether covered by insurance or setting up a payment plan, preventive dental care is affordable!


Dentistry goes beyond just the teeth. Periodontics is the specialization in the health of the gums.


Pediatric Dentistry

Several of the employees at Lumia Dental have children of their own, so we fully understand pediatric patients and their parents.

Non-Invasive Cavity Fillings

Icon treatment is for the reversal of small cavities, and is done painlessly, without the use of needles or drills, in one easy sitting. The dentist can also avoid unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure.


Invisalign And Orthodontic Services

Invisalign uses very thin, clear, virtually invisible plastic trays to painlessly move your teeth horizontally, vertically, and even rotationally to straighten them and improve your smile.


General Restorative Dentistry

Cavities and cracks result in destruction of tooth structure and necessitate a dental restoration, which could be as minimal as a filling or as comprehensive as a crown.