Gum Disease and Treatment

Periodontics NYC

Dentistry goes beyond just the teeth. Periodontics is the specialization in the health of the gums. Our goal in periodontics is to correctly prevent, diagnose, and treat gum issues and disease. If you are having pain, swelling, bleeding, receding, or other issues with your gums (even cosmetic ones), our Lumia Dental providers can assess and attend to your condition.

Gum problems can be prevented if caught early enough through correct diagnosis and patient education. If not, gum disease can extend to cause jawbone problems that require more maintenance and treatment. Gum disease can be a silent disease, just as heart disease is sometimes not detectable by the patient until a heart attack ensues. It’s crucial for a dental professional to periodically examine the periodontia (or the gums and jawbone surrounding the teeth) before problems occur!

Look Out For

Some signs you need to see a periodontist include:

  • Inflamed (red) gums that are swollen
  • Your gums are pulling away from your teeth
  • Pus coming from the gums.
  • Gums bleed easily when brushed
  • Teeth fit together differently or are loose
  • Consistent bad breath

Higher Risk Patients

People who at higher risk for gums disease include:

  • Those who do not clean their teeth well
  • Avoiding regular dental cleaning
  • Smokers
  • Tobacco chewers
  • Those who have gum disease in their family
  • Diabetics, AIDS, leukemia, and other immune disease sufferers
  • Those with a bad diet: high sugar, low vitamins