Healthy teeth and healthy gums start as a base to improve the look of your teeth, the way you feel about your teeth, and most importantly, the way you feel about yourself and your smile. Imagine what a transformation a more confident smile can make for you!

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Cosmetic dentistry does not mean big, white teeth; it should never mean that. Everybody has a different face shape, different body type, different jaw shape, different lip form, different facial muscles, different size of gums… there are so many factors in building the ideal, healthy smile for you. The happier, healthier you. Your LUMIA DENTAL cosmetic dentist will discuss with you your needs and your expectations - what will make you happy about yourself and your smile - and determine what is right for you.

Our cosmetic dentists at LUMIA DENTAL are trained and experienced in natural looking cosmetic dentistry, working with what canvas you bring us, while providing stunning results.

5Gum lift and veneers on eight teeth to fix a gummy smile and improve lip support

Porcelain Veneers and Crowns are thin porcelain shells that are glued onto your teeth to change the shape and the shade of your teeth. Teeth are NOT “shaved down to stumps”, as commonly misconceived.

Veneers are often needed because a patient has chipped, broken, or worn down their teeth, or have developed cavities. We need to reverse that damage, and veneers can be used to actually protect the damaged teeth underneath.

Lumia Dental cosmetic dentists work with the most advanced cosmetic dental laboratories to ensure the highest quality.


10Four veneers to improve shape, spacing, and chipping of four front teeth

Cosmetic Bondings are fillings that are artfully placed and blended onto the surfaces of your enamel, without removing any tooth structure and without any pain or needles, to close spaces between teeth, rid of “black triangles” (triangular spaces between teeth around the gums), and to rebuild chipped or broken teeth. 

Veneers vs Bondings: What is better for me?

There are benefits and downsides to both options. Whether one is favored over the other for you depends on your teeth (size, shape, color, alignment), your bite, and your expectations. Your Lumia Dental cosmetic dentist will discuss the different options for me and determine with you what is best for you.

In general, porcelain veneers look more esthetic, last longer, and stain less than bondings. This does not necessarily mean that veneers are automatically better. There are many cases when cosmetic bondings would be recommended over veneers, and vice versa.


Check out our Smile Gallery for the wide range of cosmetic dental treatments we offer.