When most of the teeth in the mouth are too badly damaged, the person can no longer smile with confidence and cannot chew their favorite foods freely. It is absolutely true what they say: the smile is one of the most important attributes to a person’s beauty. A beautiful smile boosts one’s confidence. The simple joy of eating can be taken away by not having enough healthy teeth to chew with. What we can provide for the patient is an implant-supported dental prosthesis – solidly secured by dental implants, very different from a removable denture – this means the teeth never move or shift when smiling, eating, sneezing, coughing, or talking.

Our Lumia Dental dentists are experienced in the most modern, advanced techniques to be able to give back the ability to smile brightly and to chew food comfortably. We utilize 3-dimensional computerized tomography (CBCT) performed and analyzed in-office, combining it with digitally scanned 3-dimensional models of your mouth, to produce esthetic and functional designs for a new smile – a new smile.

The extensive designing of your case is performed weeks in advance with a superb interdisciplinary team, including specialized lab technicians, your surgeon, your cosmetic dentist, and your anesthesiologist so that on the day of the actual procedure, it would be a matter of hours to give you a life-transforming smile.


The team at Lumia Dental is never judgmental.

Our goal is to get you to smile confidently and eat comfortably again. 


Lumia Dental is a proud TeethXpress-certified provider.